Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mini Sushi

I love sushi.  Not the taste of it exactly, but its look. The clean lines. The vibrant colors.  Honestly, from an aesthetic standpoint, what's not to like?

It's just so cute.

And as scientific research has shown, a relative size versus cuteness plot shows a bimodal distribution.  In other words, an object reaches its highest potential cuteness levels when it is either much smaller or larger than normal.

The distribution is somewhat unequal though; smaller objects will invariably have higher 'cuteness values' than similar objects of a larger size. There are a few exceptions of course.  Take insects for instance.  They do not get cuter as they grow larger.  They grow terrifying.

Large cute objects
Small cute object

So after I recieved a stash of Sculpey, is it any wonder that I decided to make some mini sushi?

Finished product

I think they turned out pretty well.  I enjoyed making the sashimi in particular. Best of all, since I don't enjoy the taste of sushi I'm not in danger of wanting to consume these little creations.... 

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