Friday, May 13, 2011

Guitar String Pendant by Shannon

I'm not much of a musician, but I do enjoy diddling on the guitar.  And being of member of the Silverlake community, there's plenty of guitars around.  One evening after getting a much needed lesson on how to change guitar strings, I successfully scooped up the old strings with the pretext that they were going in the trash and not my purse...

There's really not much to this project, just a bit of creativity.  All you need is a little craft wire, and the guitar strings.  I used 26 gauge copper wire, but there are many colors and thicknesses to choose from.  Just make sure you find something that is easily bendable.  As for the guitar strings, I of course had used ones, but you can pick up a pack of 6 for around $5 at any guitar or music store.  There are also many different metals, and thicknesses for the different types of guitars so take a look at them out of the box to see if they fit your crafting needs. From there just play around with the strings and let them bend how they want.  And after you're done fiddling with the strings, I would also highly recommend doing a little diddling on the guitar.

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