Sunday, June 5, 2011

Paper Bowls

This is yet another project designed to use up superfluous paper: the paper bowl.  I really need to get more creative with these names...

Anyway, this is a pretty simple project that I'm sure has been done before countless times.  However, I'm going to put out on the Internet one more tutorial on the subject. The bowls can be used individually but I really liked how they looked with a glass globe nestled inside.  The top picture also shows off the paper cherry blossoms that I've been working on (post pending).

1. The first step involves wrapping your container of choice (a glass globe or vase for instance) in saran wrap.  I tried aluminum foil first but saran wrap was much easier to remove from the finished bowl.
2. Cut out strips of paper, mine were about a centimeter wide and 15 centimeters long. 

3. Brush mod podge on the back of each strip of paper and lay the strip on the saran wrap.  

4. Continue laying the strips of paper in an overlapping pattern.

5. After you finish laying the strips apply a few more coats of glossy mod podge.  Allow the bowl to dry for a few hours. Finally, remove the bowl from the saran wrap lining.

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