Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bow Tree-topper

Last year my boyfriend's sister and her husband celebrated their first Christmas as a married couple.  They didn't have a tree-topper (unacceptable!), so I offered to make one for them.  And since paper is my preferred medium, I made them a folded paper star.  Cute, but not terribly durable. So, I figured this could be the start of a tradition; each winter I would make the lovely couple a different, disposable tree-topper. 

This year's model was inspired by the paper bow tutorial I mentioned last post. It could easily be adapted to make giant paper bows for any giant presents you may be giving this year. 

Cut wide (1.5-2 in) strips of decorative paper.  I ended up using two 12 x 12 pieces of paper in complementing patterns/colors. However, depending on the size of the topper, you probably won't use up all of the strips. You'll also need to cut out a circle of card stock with a diameter roughly four inches smaller that the size of the  bow that you want (1).  Place glue on the end of a strip of paper, patterned side facing up (2).  Fold over to form a cone (3). Trim off the rest of the paper (4).  Finally, glue the back of the cone to the edge of the card stock circle (5).

Alternate gluing down the different colored cones until you have made a border almost all of the way around the perimeter of the circle (6). In a gap between two of the cones glue a coiled piece of floral wire to the circle. This will be what attaches the star to the tree (7).  To provide some reinforcement, glue a scrap piece of paper over the glued down wire (8).  Continue gluing down cones, still trying to alternate patterns (9 & 10).  It doesn't have to be exact though, bows are often somewhat chaotic and messy.  Finish off the bow with a loop of paper glued to the very center. 


  1. A very cute idea to make it a Christmas tradition

  2. Craft-mas ended too early this year!!!